Everyone knows not to leave candles burning in their house and to check that the stove is off before heading out, but fire safety is much more than just a household concern. Neighborhoods and communities need to be prepared to deal with fires affecting more than one home. Wildfires near residential areas can easily cause property damage and hurt people, and having safeguards and best practices in place at the community level can help minimize the damage.

Understanding fire safety best-practices, having the proper equipment, and using preventive measures sometimes aren’t even enough to prevent fire damage to people and property, and there are organizations in place to help those who have suffered burns or heavy losses due to fire cope with the trauma. A full range of sites on preventing fire in the first place and coping with the damage it can cause is included here. These sites aren’t in any particular order, but they are categorized to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

General Fire Safety

From home fire prevention tips to nationwide suppliers of fire prevention equipment and information, this section of the list has something for anyone who is reading up on fire safety.

  1. The National Association of State Fire Marshals’ Residential Fire Safety Institute


    Residential Fire Safety Institute, a project of the National Association of State Fire Marshals is an incredibly informative site with great information not only on fire safety, but also on different programs and useful organizations to join.

    Read MoreOrganizations

  2. National Fire Protection Association


    The National Fire Protection Association is the foremost source on fire, electrical, and building safety. From useful publications to check out to news and training, the site is a great source for all fire-related information.

    Read MoreSafety Information

  3. National Fire Information Council


    The National Fire Information Council provides great facts and information for fire prevention and a useful news section.

    Read MoreNews

  4. U.S. Fire Administration


    The U.S. Fire Administration is a beautifully designed site and one of the most crucial sources to check for information on fire safety pertaining to every facet.

    Read MoreFire Service

  5. Best Practices – the Brenneco Blog


    Best Practices from the Brenneco Blog is a great tool for getting quality posts on fire safety, covering a variety of issues and has an element of health care coverage as well.

    Read MoreLebanon Public Library Sets Standard of Excellence in Fire Safety

  6. Fireline Blog


    Fireline Fire Protection Blog is a fantastic resource for understanding the many different ways fires can develop and how everyone can contribute to preventing them. The site’s useful bank of knowledge makes it a great resource for anyone looking for more information.

    Read MoreFire Safety: The Dangers of Laptops in Dorms

  7. Fire Safety Institute


    Fire Safety Institute is a non-profit that helps better inform the public on fire safety information through different informational sources. Along with historic preservation, education, and fire risk indexing, they also provide research opportunities as well.

    Read MoreResearch

  8. Fire Adapted Communities


    Fire Adapted Communities is a very interesting site that aims to inform the public on ways to prepare where you live for different fires. They break the country into regions, so you can best see which procedures are most fitting for where you live.

    Read MoreFamily and Home

  9. The Center for Campus Fire Safety


    The Center for Campus Fire Safety is useful for any students looking to further their education of fire safety as it pertains to the university setting. The forums and conferences held regularly provide a useful base of events for those looking to get further involved.

    Read MoreLibrary

  10. Smokey Bear


    Smokey the Bear, the forest fire prevention icon to children for decades, has an in-depth website that looks at all the different ways to stay proactive against forest fires and promote fire safety across the country.

    Read MoreStop Wildfires!

  11. Life Safety Organization


    Life Safety Organization is a group of contractors, consultants, manufacturers, and others who work in the fire protection. It highlights all the different ways to fireproof residences.

    Read MoreFirestopping

  12. Fire Protection Association


    The Fire Protection Association is a fantastic resource, dense with material for educating others on different fire risks and training information. It’s great for anyone who has questions pertaining to fire safety.

    Read MoreFire Risk Assessment Services

  13. Home Fire Drill


    Home Fire Drill is the perfect tool for families looking to educate themselves, specifically their children on how to best react if a fire starts in their household.

    Read MoreResources

  14. Fire Protection Industries, Inc. Blog


    Fire Protection Industries, Inc. uses their blog to discuss issues pertinent to the fire safety community and how when we all work together, we can effectively instill change and be more conscientious about preventing fires.

    Read MoreSprinkler System Contained Fire at Building on DOW Property

  15. Confires Fire Protection Service Blog


    Confires Fire Protection Service Blog is great for looking through posts and better educating yourself on different causes and fire safety tips. Additionally, they have great information describing cumbersome situations that may lead to fires arising.

    Read MoreCould Flameout Foam Revolutionize Fire Safety?

  16. American Fire Protection Group, Inc.


    The American Fire Protection Group, Inc. uses their blog to efficiently convey knowledge that is pertinent to preventing and managing fires. It’s regularly updated and is very useful to those in the field.

    Read MoreQUELL Fire Protection

  17. Fire Protection Shop Blog


    Fire Protection Shop Blog provides explanation for a variety of fire safety products and how to properly administer them in given situations. The site itself allows users to purchase different fire safety products to better protect themselves and their family.

    Read MoreWhat is a Fire Blanket and How Does It Work?

  18. Guardian Fire Protection Services Blog


    Guardian Fire Protection Services Blog is a great source for gaining a better understanding of different fire safety systems and how they can best be implemented. Additionally, their outlining of different fire products is useful.

    Read MorePros and Cons of Wireless Fire Alarms

  19. City of Angels Fire Protection Blog


    City of Angels Fire Protection Blog is a useful site that looks at how some of the most used fire safety products are designed and how to properly use them.

    Read MoreFire Safety

  20. Walt Beattie’s Blog


    Walt Beattie’s Blog focuses exclusively on fire protection and safety, providing many useful sources of information to provide a useful guide for those unfamiliar with good fire prevention practices.

    Read MoreFire Protection Practice Specialty

  21. The Ludwig Group


    The Ludwig Group focuses on firefighting and emergency medical services and provides great information on lectures pertaining to fires, consulting services, and more.

    Read MoreA Firefighter/Paramedic

  22. Fire Team USA


    Fire Team USA is a team that works to help promote the importance of fire safety and educating the public on the different aspects of prevention and care of burns. They’re very active and regularly contribute to different workshops and events to better raise awareness of these important causes.

    Read MoreResources

  23. Firewise Communities


    Firewise Communities informs on how to best situate communities against fires by working together. The information covers community initiatives, courses, and useful information.

    Read MoreInformation and Resources

  24. Associated Fire Protection Blog


    The Associated Fire Protection Blog regularly posts about different ways to stay smart about fire prevention and provide a wealth of useful information for people looking to increase their knowledge of fire safety.

    Read MoreFire Prevention Systems

  25. Total Fire & Safety Blog


    Total Fire & Safety Blog informs individuals on different procedures to best equip them to prevent fires and aid others in fire-related situations. The site also provides useful information on fire alarms, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and more.

    Read MoreFire Equipment Training

  26. United States Alliance Fire Protection Blog


    The United States Alliance Fire Protection Blog posts useful information of the latest happenings pertaining to fire prevention. Additionally, they provide great supplementary reading on sprinklers, corrosion, and more.

    Read MoreMajor Projects

  27. en-Gauge Inc. Fire Safety Blog


    en-Gauge Inc. Fire Safety Blog details all the useful information for fire safety and how to best prepare for different disasters as they pertain to where you live.

    Read MoreSafety Equipment: The First Line of Defense and the Last Resort

  28. Master Fire Prevention Blog


    Master Fire Prevention Blog keeps people informed on fire-related news and how to prevent different fires, particularly in the New York area. The information is largely applicable anywhere though and is a useful read.

    Read MoreThree Tragic Fires As a Result of Failure to Follow Fire Codes

  29. Spectrum Fire Protection Blog


    Spectrum Fire Protection Blog posts regularly on great fire prevention tips, along with extremely useful info graphics. Their Twitter is also very active and to-the-point.

    Read MoreLearn To Use Your Fire Extinguishers

  30. The Fire Safety Company Blog


    The Fire Safety Company Blog has great posts pertaining to the best ways to keep your family and communities safe through implementing proactive measures against fires.

    Read MoreHow Do Fire Brigades Respond to False Fire Alarms?

  31. Fire & Explosions Expert Witness


    Fire & Explosions Expert Witness is an incredibly in-depth resource for getting information on any number of subjects pertaining to fire-related activities. Their wide breadth of areas covered makes it a great tool for anyone looking for information on things from aerosol explosions, building fires, cell phone battery fires, guns, fireworks, oil, plastic, and more.

    Read MoreVehicle Fires and Explosions

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Fire Marshals & Organizations

A fire marshal is a community official who collaborates with the fire department to enforce the fire code, promote fire safety and awareness, and investigate the causes of fires that have occurred. Local fire marshals’ offices often have educational materials for community members, and even events where people can learn more about fire safety and prevention.

  1. California Fire Safe Council


    The California Fire Protection Blog is an incredibly useful site for painting a clear picture of the current state of fire safety in California, while also providing useful information for citizens to become better informed.

    Read MoreFire Safe Councils

  2. North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association


    North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association is a great organization that focuses on providing the best information pertaining to public fire safety, educational tools, along with upcoming events in the area. The information is great for those who don’t live in North Eastern Ohio as well.

    Read MoreEducation

  3. New Mexico Public Regulation Commission State Fire Marshal


    The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission State Fire Marshall page looks at some of the best advice for fire academy training, support, investigating arson, and more.

    Read MoreFire Academy Training

  4. Washington State patrol Office of the State Fire Marshal


    Washington State Patrol Office of the State Fire Marshal helps better inform individuals inside and outside of the state on the best procedures for preventing fires.

    Read MoreFire Marshal Overview

  5. Kentucky Office of the State Fire Marshal


    The Kentucky Office of the State Fire Marshal focuses on minimizing fire-related damages in the communities they protect and also plans on how to promote safer conditions as they pertain to fire safety.

    Read MoreHazardous Materials

  6. Virginia Fire Prevention Association


    The Virginia Prevention Association has an intent focus on providing the best materials and guidance on how to prevent fires across the state. The site is an incredibly useful resource for anyone looking for more information on fire prevention.

    Read MoreCodes

  7. Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal


    The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal is a great site for understanding how fires impact the Pacific Northwest when they do occur. The site has wide-ranging materials that are incredibly useful to those across many different fields.

    Read MoreFire Service Information

  8. Fairview Fire District Blog


    Fairview Fire District Blog is a site that looks at different fire and emergency medical services provided to the Poughkeepsie, NY area. It’s useful information, regardless of where you live, due to how universal the fire prevention advice is.

    Read MoreFlashover Training Press Release

  9. Pinion Pine Fire District Blog


    Pinion Pine Fire District Blog highlights the different obstacles faced in Kingman, Arizona in the midst of the Mojave Desert. They use various forms of social media, including Twitter and Facebook, to advocate for better awareness in the community they serve.

    Read MoreVehicle Fire Brings Multi-Agency Response

  10. Arkansas State Police Fire Marshal


    The Arkansas State Police Fire Marshal is a nice site with all the resources one would need for understanding fire prevention in the state of Arkansas.

    Read MoreArkansas Fire Prevention Commission

  11. Montana Department of Justice State Fire Marshal’s Office & Fire Prevention


    The Montana Department of Justice State Fire Marshal’s Office is an intuitive site for learning more information about the state wide fire prevention initiatives and how Montana residents can become further involved.

    Read MoreFire Safety

  12. Minnesota State Fire Marshal


    Minnesota State Fire Marshal highlights the need-to-know information concerning fire code, different fire prevention programs, along with training and other useful information.

    Read MoreFire Safety

  13. Utah Department of Public Safety State Fire Marshal


    The Utah Department of Public Safety State Fire Marshal is an in-depth resource for understanding the wide ranging impact forest fires can have on communities. Additionally, there are many useful links for those looking for more information pertaining to many different elements of fire prevention.

    Read MoreConsumer Services: Safety Fact Sheets

  14. Texas Fire Marshal


    Texas Fire Marshal works extensively to ensure the safety of the citizens all over Texas through fire prevention initiatives and staying proactive, particularly concerning dry and hot conditions.

    Read MoreFire Investigations

  15. State of Alabama Fire Marshal’s Office


    The State of Alabama Fire Marshal’s Office has the unique responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens by promoting fire safety and educating on the importance of safety with fire. The site is loaded with useful resources for anyone inquiring.

    Read MoreDay Care Information

  16. State of Alaska Department of Public Safety Division of Fire and Life Safety


    State of Alaska’s Department of Public Safety has a division of Fire and Life Safety that focuses on the well-being of individuals across the state and how they can live healthily and better educate their communities on fire prevention.

    Read MoreSmoke Alarm Reminder

  17. Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Fire Prevention Division


    The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance’s Fire Prevention Division looks at many different aspects concerning fire care, prevention, and advocacy in communities all around the state. The wide range of information incorporated on the site makes it a prominent voice nationally concerning state-level fire safety.

    Read MoreReports and Data

  18. New Hampshire Division of Fire Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal


    The New Hampshire Division of Fire Safety’s Office of the Fire Marshal is a great way to stay up-to-date on all fire-related news in the state and to help understand the different developments in fire safety.

    Read MorePublic Education

  19. North Carolina Dept of Insurance Office of the State Fire Marshal


    The North Carolina Department of Insurance’s Office of State Fire Marshal is a useful site, educating individuals on the dangers of fire and also how to respond to different situations pertaining to fire safety. Their Twitter is very active and a great way to stay informed in the state.

    Read MoreFire Safety Programs

  20. Wyoming State Fire Marshal


    The Wyoming State Fire Marshal advocates for stronger education of its residents pertaining to wildfires, fires in buildings, and more. They have a number of great documents for people to further educate themselves and serve communities better.

    Read MoreFire Prevention

  21. Ohio Commerce Division of State Fire Marshal


    The Ohio Commerce Division of State Fire Marshal lists all the information one could need pertaining to regulatory elements of fires. They look at building fire codes, fire safety advice, and many other useful pieces of information.

    Read MoreFire Prevention and Fire Safety

  22. Vermont Division of Fire Safety Office of the State Fire Marshal, State Fire Academy, and State HAZMAT Team


    The Vermont Division of Fire Safety is a go-to source for anyone looking to expand their breadth of knowledge concerning fire safety. Their links on fire investigation, public education, and fire service sources are very notable.

    Read MoreFire Service

  23. Maine Office of State Fire Marshal


    The Main Office of State Fire Marshal is an integral resource for gaining a better understanding of inspectional protocol, fire sprinkler information, along with useful research and reports.

    Read MoreFire Service Rules and Laws

  24. State of California Office of the State Fire Marshal


    The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection educates citizens on the different potentials for forest fires and how they impact communities. They provide exceptional tools on preparing children and the home for any fire-related incident.

    Read MoreThe Fire and Resource Assessment Program

  25. Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal


    The Louisiana Office of the State Fire Marshal highlights all information that is imperative to being well-informed when it comes to fire safety. Their useful information on emergency services and arson is worth reading.

    Read MoreFire Investigation/Arson

  26. Virginia Department of Fire Programs


    The Virginia Department of Fire Programs is an incredibly thorough site, highlighting some of the most useful information pertaining to fire safety education and training.

    Read MoreFire Data and Statistics

  27. Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner


    Pennsylvania’s Office of the State Fire Commissioner is a great site that highlights many different elements to fire safety, including a large library of useful documents.

    Read MorePrevention and Education Programs

  28. Washington Fire Protection Association


    Washington Fire Protection Association helps serve the Pacific Northwest by ensuring the smallest chance of forest fires and working through outreach to educate citizens of the state.

    Read MoreFire Links

  29. Idaho Firewise


    Idaho Firewise aims to educate individuals on the particularities of forest fires in Idaho and how people can best be informed with information concerning wildfire prevention, the science behind fire, and more.

    Read MoreLeading Idaho Fire Causes

  30. California Automatic Fire Alarm Association


    The California Fire Alarm Association is an organization that aims to promote the safest fire safety procedures for its residents. The information on the site outlines all the different ways people can further become involved with fire prevention.

    Read MoreNews and Events

  31. Louisiana Arson and Fire Prevention Association


    The Louisiana Arson and Fire Prevention Association is a straightforward site that highlights the particular oversights many times people make concerning fire codes and ensuring fire safety.

    Read MoreAbout Us

  32. Fire and Burn Safety Coalition of Maryland, Inc.


    Fire and Burn Safety Coalition of Maryland is based in the Baltimore Metro Area and is committed to serving as much of Maryland with high-quality fire education resources. Also, they provide great information on smoke alarms, sprinklers, and more.

    Read MoreEducational Resources

  33. Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety


    The Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety is a very informative site that educates residents of the state on all the different ways they can better promote fire safety and assist burn victims with difficulties they may face.

    Read MoreSummer Camp for Burn Injured Youth

  34. Illinois Fire Safety Alliance


    Illinois Fire Safety Alliance promotes the educational and preventative materials necessary to ensure the public can be best prepared for fire emergencies.

    Read MoreCamp I Am Me

  35. Alaska Fire Standards Council


    Alaska Fire Standards Council underlines the importance of fire codes and upholding the most important aspects of fire safety in the home and the environment.

    Read MoreFire Safety Benefits

  36. Fire Prevention Association of Nevada


    The Fire Prevention Association of Nevada is an integral part to saving lives and preserving nature. The site is designed to be very child-friendly, largely contributing to the successfulness of their programs.

    Read MoreTraining Events

  37. Arizona Fire and Burn Educators Association


    Arizona Fire and Burn Educators Association underlines the necessity to take fire prevention seriously to be proactive and reinforce communities.

    Read MoreHome Safety Checklist

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Fire Extinguishers, Sprinklers & Equipment

Though many homes are equipped with smoke alarms, and fire codes require most buildings to have at least one fire extinguisher, not everyone realizes how much of a lifesaver a fire blanket, sprinkler system, or even just an extra fire extinguisher can be. These sites discuss home and industrial equipment for fire prevention and suppression.

  1. American Fire Sprinkler Association


    The American Fire Sprinkler Association is a great organization to become a part of and also to get information on a variety of areas pertaining to fire safety. It allows individuals to understand the different ways to ensure sprinklers are up-to-date, along with other useful information.

    Read MoreAmerican Fire Sprinkler Association

  2. National Fire Sprinkler Association


    The National Fire Sprinkler Association is one of the most renowned sources of information pertaining to better equipping individuals for proper fire safety through fire sprinkler systems.

    Read MoreSprinkler Information

  3. W&M Sprinkler Blog


    W&M Sprinkler Blog is a very informative resource for information on how to keep the fire code of sprinklers up to date, which is a crucial way to be proactive at preventing fires.

    Read MoreYonkers NY Fire Inspections

  4. Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition


    Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition works to equip homeowners with potentially life-saving knowledge about the benefits of having fire sprinklers installed in the home. Additionally, they provide great free resources for fire service personnel.

    Read MoreFire Service

  5. Photoelectric Saves


    Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Save More Lives helps educate people on the best ways for smoke detectors to not fail and the best investments to advance fire safety in communities. Their Smoke Detectors 101 section is particularly useful.

    Read MoreSmoke Detectors 101

  6. Fire Extinguisher : 101


    Fire Extinguisher 101 is a great guide for understanding how to operate a fire extinguisher. While this may sound silly at first, it’s surprising how many people truly know how to properly operate a fire extinguisher. The difference could save lives.

    Read MoreHow Fire Extinguishers Work

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Burn Prevention & Treatment

The injuries sustained by people caught in fires can cause incredible pain and have profound effects on that person’s capabilities and appearance. It is important for people with burn injuries not only to get immediate treatment, but to have a community to help them adjust to the major life changes that can come from being injured by a fire.

  1. Burn Institute


    The Burn Institute is a nonprofit health agency based in southern California that focuses on reducing the number of injuries and deaths resulting from burns.

    Read MoreFire and Burn Prevention

  2. The International Burn Foundation of the United States


    The International Burn Foundation of the United States is an important organization that aims to advocate for burn victims globally and help with obstacles they face. The site provides awards as well to help with damages, physically and mentally, that burns may cause.

    Read MoreBurn Prize Instructions

  3. American Burn Association


    The American Burn Association focuses on improving the lives of those who have experienced burns. The site includes up-to-date meeting information, great courses, and a plethora of announcements.

    Read MoreAdvocacy

  4. UC San Diego School of Medicine Regional Burn Center


    The University of California San Diego School of Medicine’s Regional Burn Center is a very informative site, providing fantastic information on their state-of-the-art facility focused on treating burns.

    Read MoreEmergency Care for Burn Victims

  5. Burns Recovered Support Group, Inc.


    The Burns Recovered Support Group is an association that focuses on providing fantastic resources and aid to those who have been the victims of burns, regardless of situation. The site’s comprehensive tools for supporting those individuals are unparalleled.

    Read MoreBurn Survivor Assistance

  6. Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation


    The Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation is a great site for anyone involved in fire prevention. The site provides great fire service tips and resources useful to anyone.

    Read MoreFire and Life Safety Blitz

  7. Pine Tree Burn Foundation


    Pine Tree Burn Foundation was founded in the mid-1970’s with the idea of providing higher quality burn care to those in the Portland, Maine area. Their work has largely been a success and has solidified the community’s efforts to curb the amount of burns affecting its residents.

    Read MoreResources

  8. Arizona Burn Foundation


    Arizona Burn Foundation is a great site for those who have been the victims of burns, regardless of situation, and it provides a great base of information for people to not only help themselves better, but it also equips others to help burn victims emotionally as well.

    Read MoreSmoke Alarm Installations

  9. Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors


    Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors is a fantastic organization that empowers firefighters to provide aid to fellow firefighters and those they aim to protect who have been injured by fires. The organization really aims to make a different and provides updates on all the great ways they’re giving back.

    Read MoreAssistance

  10. Common Voices


    Common Voices is an advocacy group that promotes fire safety across the country and includes videos, upcoming events, and news on how people can get involved and make a difference.

    Read MoreIn The News

  11. Spiegel Burn Foundation


    The Spiegel Burn Foundation assists burn victims in a variety of ways, including physical therapy and emotional support. The site’s in-depth library of resources for burn victims is particularly insightful and they provide information on alternative health care as well.

    Read MoreResources for Burn Victims

  12. Burn Prevention Network


    The Burn Prevention Network focuses on burn injury prevention and advocacy for those most susceptible to being affected. While their primary service is in Eastern Pennsylvania, the information on the site is largely applicable to any community.

    Read MorePrograms and Services

  13. From Tragedy to Triumph Foundation


    From Tragedy to Triumph Foundation helps individuals who have been physically, emotionally, and financially scarred by burns. It provides fundraising and other initiatives to help return the lives of those affected back to normalcy.

    Read MoreSupport Groups

  14. Total Burn Care


    Total Burn Care provides comprehensive material that better informs the public as to burns and how to prevent and protect against burns, as well as aid those have already been in fire-related accidents.

    Read MoreResearch Summary

  15. Children’s Burn Foundation


    Children’s Burn Foundation is an incredible organization that helps children who have been the victim of burns by helping assimilate them back into society if they’re struggling. The foundation provides great resources to help others give back to these children and implement real change.

    Read MorePrograms

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Fire is both a dangerous force and a valuable tool for people, depending on context. The sites below cover topics ranging widely, from prescribed burning of forested areas, to increase the overall health of the land and diminish the prospect of uncontrollable wildfires, to fire safety sites for kids and teachers to help young children learn about fire as early as possible.

  1. Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils


    The Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils is a great site for understanding fire safety from the perspective of fire practitioners, policymakers, regulators, and more.

    Read MoreResources and Links

  2. Safe Sound Family

    Safe Sound Family is a premier publishing resource focused on providing high quality, trustworthy information about home security systems and family safety.

    Read MoreSafe Sound Family Blog

  3. Association of Fire Science Technicians/Society of Fire Protection Engineers


    The Association of Fire Science at Eastern Kentucky University is a student organization that helps students at the school develop a better repertoire of fire safety to graduate as more informed safety providers and best work in their communities.

    Read MoreTraining

  4. Wildfire Lessons


    Wildfire Lessons is a fantastic resource for gathering additional information about wildfires and the different lessons we’ve learned over various wildfire outbreaks over the past decades.

    Read More6 Minutes for Safety

  5. Fireproof Children, Prevention First


    Fireproof Children, Prevention First is an organization that focuses on educating children on all the ways they can be safe concerning fire in the home. It also provides great educational tips for parents to equip their children with.

    Read MoreFire Service

  6. Safe Kids Fire Safety


    Safe Kids Fire Safety is an incredibly informative website that breaks down fire education into 6 age groups, providing the most specific resources based on whatever age your child. The site’s colorful, straightforward approach is a great way to pull in children’s attention.

    Read MoreFire Safety Tips

  7. The Nature Conservancy Prescribed Burn Unit Plan


    Fire Management Manual from The Nature Conservancy is a useful tool for implementing effective measures to prevent fires and assist those with aid when burns do occur.

    Read MoreCollaborative Planning

  8. Prescribed Fire Portal


    Prescribed Fire Portal is part of the Prescribed Burn Alliance of Texas and they focus on controlled burns of problematic areas that have large potential to develop into unmanageable wildfires. Additionally, they provide great fire education links.

    Read MoreResources

  9. Sky Saver – High Rise Fire Rescue

    SkySaver’s mission is to design, create and sell “the premier multi-story building personal rescue and evacuation system.” Our vision is to be the worldwide leading manufacturer of high-rise personal rescue and evacuation systems, known for being easy to use, safe and affordable.

  10. Fire Facts


    Fire Facts is a great site geared more towards children and provides useful information on fire safety. By starting at a young age, it can make children better informed concerning fire safety.

    Read MoreArticles

  11. Rescue 1 Fire Safety for Kids


    Rescue 1 Fire Safety for Kids is a great site to get kids engaged when it comes to fire safety. With colorful graphics and easy to understand explanations, it’s the perfect way to educate children.

    Read MoreEvents

  12. Campus Fire Watch


    Campus Firewatch is a useful site for those who work in fire safety on college campuses across the country. The news tab is particularly informative about different happenings across the country.

    Read MoreBreaking News

  13. Fire And Security News


    Fire and Security News offers aggregated links on every topic related to fire and security from various sources around the web, including social media, news sites, and company blogs.

    Read MoreTwitter

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