Firefighters and fire departments attained new levels of admiration and respect on September 11, 2001, when New York’s firefighters risked their lives, hour after hour, day after day to rescue people from the wreckage of the World Trade Center. But even before that, protecting a city the size of New York from fire emergencies has been a taxing and dangerous job, and there are hundreds of other fire departments in the U.S. that serve massive populations in huge cities, or spread across miles of rural land. Under diverse conditions, fire departments provide a range of vital services to their communities, including

  • Fire Prevention, Suppression & Damage Control
  • Rescue and Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Hazardous Materials Containment and Disposal

This list is meant to praise and acknowledge some of the hardest working, most noteworthy fire departments in America. These departments were chosen from the top 10, top 50, and top 250 cities in the U.S. based on population size and density. Each of them deserves recognition for their current and past achievements, and all would be fantastic places for aspiring firefighters to seek employment, or even just inspiration.

  1. New York City Fire Department

    New York City Fire Department

    The New York City Fire Department is one of the best known fire departments in the United States. The reputation is well deserved due to their incredible response efforts in the face of danger in one of America’s largest and densest cities. Their thorough website still maintains an ease of use for educating yourself on fire prevention, statistics, hurricanes, information on 9/11, and much more.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 8175133
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):302.643
  2. Los Angeles Fire Department

    Los Angeles Fire Department

    The Los Angeles Fire Department serves one of the biggest populations in the country over one of the largest populations of land in the country. They use their website to keep others updated on the truly great community initiatives they put together, as well as great safety tips, and good insight into fire hazards.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 3792621
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):468.67
  3. City of Chicago Fire Department

    City of Chicago Fire Department

    Throughout the years, the Chicago Fire Department has been called upon the work at
    every imaginable disaster. Begun in 1862, the CFD now consists of 5000 men. 563 brave men and women have lost their lives performing their duties in all of these years.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 2714856
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):227.635
  4. Houston Fire Department

    Houston Fire Department

    HFD is the third largest fire department in the United States and is responsible for preserving life and property to a population of more than 2 million in an area totaling 654 square miles. Over the last few years, HFD has evolved into a highly sophisticated public safety rescue system.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 2100263
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):599.589
  5. Philadelphia Fire Department

    Philadelphia Fire Department

    The Philadelphia Fire Department has been serving Philadelphia for nearly 265 years. What began as a volunteer department now employees over 2000 people.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 1526006
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):134.101
  6. Phoenix Fire Department


    The Phoenix Fire Department is dedicated to its community. They protect lives and property through fire suppression, emergency medical and transportation services, disaster management, fire prevention and public education.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 1445632
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):516.704
  7. San Antonio Fire Department

    San Antonio Fire Department

    The San Antonio Fire Department has served the public since 1891 and is a great outlet for staying updated on the latest happenings concerning fires and emergency medical services. Their tabs on services, neighborhoods, business, and government make it easier to see how integral this San Antonio Fire Department has been in fostering a sense of community locally.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 1327407
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):460.933
  8. City of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

    City of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

    The population of San Diego is well past 1 million people. Their Fire-rescue department is about 1,300 serving in 47 different stations. In 2013, there have been 129,000 incidents, including fire, medical and rescue, to respond to.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 1307402
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):325.188
  9. Dallas Fire-Rescue

    Dallas Fire-Rescue

    The Dallas Fire Rescue uses their site as an engaging portal to communicate with residents of their city, including a great site for the Dallas Fire Museum. Additionally, if you’re looking to get involved in firefighting, they have a great section on recruiting, along with training & support.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 1197816
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):340.519
  10. San Jose Fire Department

    San Jose Fire Department

    SJFD is the emergency service provider for a number of high-hazard occupancies, including an International Airport; 1 municipal airport; and 7 major hospitals. They respond to over 74,000 calls for service each year from 33 Fire Stations in the area.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 945942
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):176.526
  11. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue

    Jacksonville Fire and Rescue

    Jacksonville Fire and Rescue does a great job of keeping the public informed on what’s been going on locally in terms of fires. They established the first hazardous materials team in the country in 1977 and have continued to lead the way, often providing innovation in fire safety.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 821784
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):747.003
  12. Indianapolis Fire Department

    Indianapolis Fire Department

    The IFD has over 1100 men and women working for it, consisting of fire personnel, EMS responders, paramedics, and others. They responded to over 100,000 calls in 2012.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 820445
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):361.433
  13. San Francisco Fire Department

    San Francisco Fire Department

    There are 51 stations across San Francisco. Their department offers many programs in fire safety training, fire prevention for children, safety inspections for property, and more. Many of their iconic stations are available to tour.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 805235
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):46.873
  14. Austin Fire Department

    Austin Fire Department

    70% of the 70,000 annual calls that AFD responds to are medical in nature. They also do 25,000 building inspections, 11,000 hydrant inspections and arson investigations. Since the city and the department have both been growing since 1858, the department now has over 1000 employees.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 790390
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):297.896
  15. Columbus Division of Fire

    Columbus Division of Fire

    The Columbus Division of Fire does an incredible job serving arguably the most notable city in Ohio. Their site is incredibly comprehensive and easy to use, allowing citizens to take full advantage of all the resources available.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 787033
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):217.169
  16. Fort Worth Fire Department

    Fort Worth Fire Department

    Fort Worth saw its first professional fire department in 1893. Since that time, they have seen 12 fire chiefs and currently employ 908 personnel. They cover 344 square miles with 42 stations.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 741206
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):339.819
  17. Charlotte Fire Department

    Charlotte Fire Department

    The Charlotte Fire Department site offers news and advice for fire prevention. This includes regular checking of batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, candle and cooking safety, and local fires where the department responded. They also have tips on how to prepare for any emergencies, like huge winter storm or other unexpected disasters.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 731424
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):297.678
  18. City of Detroit Fire Department

    City of Detroit Fire Department

    The City of Detroit Fire Department is made up of many different divisions, including fire fighting, communications, community relationships, medical, and research. Firefighters work 24 hour shifts s at one of the 48 stations throughout the city. Duties including cooking, cleaning, monitoring the dispatch radio, hydrant inspection, training and other responsibilities.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 713777
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):138.75
  19. El Paso Fire Department

    El Paso Fire Department

    The El Paso Fire Department responds to over 70,000 emergency calls annually. They were rated an ISO Class 1 department, showing their dedication to their community and their efficiency and training. Their services include aircraft rescue, fire suppression, hazmat response, special operations, public operations, and more.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 649121
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):255.235
  20. Baltimore City Fire Department

    Baltimore City Fire Department

    The Baltimore City Fire Department has over 1800 members who are divided into two management branches – Emergency Operations and Planning and Administration. The department responds to more than 235,000 emergency 911 calls per year. They serve a population of over 640,000 residents.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 620961
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):80.944



  22. Boston Fire Department

    Boston Fire Department

    The City of Boston employs over 1,400 full time staff in 35 fire stations. They have existed in some form since 1631, though have existed in a fully organized, paid version since 1678. They now serve an area of almost 50 square miles and a population of 575,000 people.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 617594
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):48.277
  23. Seattle Fire Department

    Seattle Fire Department

    With 33 fire stations located throughout the city, the Seattle Fire Department has a presence in every neighborhood. Their full complement is over 900 members, while over 200 remain on duty at any given time. They guard a population of over 630,000 people every day.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 608660
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):83.943
  24. Washington, DC Fire & EMS Department

    Washington, DC Fire & EMS Department

    In addition to protecting the nation’s capital from fire and protecting property, the DC Fire Department also works to engage with their community on a number of other issues. They provide home fire safety inspections, CPR programs, free smoke detectors, and free car seat installation and inspections. Their engagement and commitment makes them a hugely important resource in DC.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 601723
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):61.048
  25. Nashville Fire Department

    Nashville Fire Department

    Since 1860, Nashville has grown from six square miles to 533 square miles, and the Nashville Fire Department now has 39 fire stations. Firefighters are now cross-trained as emergency medical technicians and Paramedics, and can respond to any type of emergency situation.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 601222
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):475.126
  26. Denver Fire Department

    Denver Fire Department

    The Denver Fire Department does a great job at supporting the city of Denver and keeps locals updated on fire prevention tips and what to do in case of an emergency. Denver has only seen continued growth in recent years and the DFD has done a great job supporting the city.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 600158
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):153
  27. Louisville Fire Department

    Louisville Fire Department

    As a fully integrated part of the city, Louisville Fire Department does a wonderful job at working with their community in addition to fire and emergency services. Their Fire History & Learning Center page is a very informative section on how they came to be and their role in Louisville overall.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 597337
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):325.248
  28. Milwaukee Fire Department

    Milwaukee Fire Department

    The Milwaukee Fire Department, also known as the MFD, was established January 1, 1875. In the 115 years that the MFD has been protecting the lives and property of Milwaukee citizens, over 106 brave firefighters have lost their lives. The Milwaukee Fire Department now consists of more than 800 firefighters, many of whom serve simultaneously as paramedics.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 594833
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):96.122
  29. Portland Fire & Rescue

    Portland Fire & Rescue

    PF&R is Oregon’s largest fire and emergency services provider. Their 30 stations are stationed throughout Portland to arrive at any emergency quickly. They have 750 employees that work on fire engines, fire boats, and in hazmat and even chemical, biological, and explosive emergency response.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 583776
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):133.427
  30. Albuquerque Fire Department

    Albuquerque Fire Department

    The Albuquerque Fire Department is comprised of 700 uniformed personnel that serves more than 182 square miles and a population of 901,700. Their site shares current fire dangers and possibilities, including potential for wildfires and current fire restrictions.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 545852
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):187.73
  31. Tucson Fire Department


    The Tuscon Fire Department started in 1881 as “The Tuscon Hook & Ladder Co.” and has grown into a full fledged fire department with Hazmat teams and EMTs that serves over half a million people. The department is a key part of the community, and even keeps in touch with the citizens through a regularly updated Twitter feed.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 520116
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):226.709
  32. Metro Fire

    Metro Fire

    The operations of Metro Fire in California include Fire & Rescue, Emergency Medical, Training & Safety, Special Operations, Homeland Security, Fire Investigation, Health & Wellness, and Community Services. Every day, there are 155 on duty personnel serving at 16 fire stations to serve a population of 640,000 people. Metro Fire is the 7th largest fire agency in the State of California.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 466488
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):97.915
  33. Mesa Fire Department

    Mesa Fire Department

    The Mesa Fire Department has about 20 fire stations. They are dedicated to their city’s safety through emergency response and fire fighting, but they also regularly provide education and training materials and classes. They have information for CPR, safety during the holidays, and even immunization information.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 439041
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):136.452
  34. Virginia Beach Fire Department

    Virginia Beach Fire Department

    This department has grown from a career staff of 11 members since 1963 to over 434 career members and 42 civilian support staff members. These members support all kinds of rescue operations, including Fire Suppression, Emergency Management, Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, Marine, Fire Inspections, and Fire Investigations.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 437994
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):249.016
  35. City of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department

    City of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department

    The Atlanta Fire Department operates out of 35 fire stations. In 2012, the department responded to 96,890 calls, including fire, medical emergency and non-emergency calls. They have over 1,000 employees serving 132 square miles.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 420003
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):133.152
  36. Omaha Fire Department

    Omaha Fire Department

    Omaha has 24 fire stations, all staffed 24 hours a day for emergency services. The OFD is responsible for not only emergency response, EMS services, and fire fighting, but also fire inspections, school visits, and fire station tours to provide education and training about fire preventions. Their training bureau also helps to keep firefighters and EMS trained in continuing education.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 408958
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):127.088
  37. Miami Fire-Rescue

    Miami Fire-Rescue

    Miami Fire Rescue led the country in many firsts in firefighting, including equipping firefighters with gas masks and equipping their apparatuses with 2-way radios. Their growth continued, and in 1995, it was the busiest fire-rescue department in the country based on alarms per firefighter.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 399457
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):35.871
  38. Oakland Fire Department

    Oakland Fire Department

    Oakland Fire Department prides itself on now being a diverse group, representing its community. They also value their technological advances, which have made emergency response more efficient. One modern transition is the 3-shift, 56-hour work week that firefighters work.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 390724
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):55.786
  39. Minneapolis Fire Department

    Minneapolis Fire Department

    The Minneapolis Fire Department has an immense amount of resources for citizens to take advantage of throughout their city. Their website is a great supplementary tool and has broad reaching sections on fire education and prevention.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 382578
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):53.973
  40. Wichita Fire Department

    Wichita Fire Department

    The Wichita Fire Department serves a resident population of over 382,000 people. The Emergency Operations Division is made up of 412 uniformed officers and firefighters. These members proudly serve the community by responding to fires and other emergencies from the city’s 22 firehouses. In 2010, the Emergency Operations Division provided over 68,000 unit responses to over 44,000 calls for service.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 382368
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):159.295
  41. Kern County Fire Department

    Kern County Fire Department

    Kern County Fire Department keeps the city of Bakersfield and many others safe. They’ve done a great job at reducing hazards locally and working to keep residents updated on the latest incidents.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 347483
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):142.164



  43. New Orleans Fire Department

    New Orleans Fire Department

    The first steps towards organized fire fighting for New Orleans came in 1829. Now, with over 20 stations and hundreds of department members, they are an important part of safety and emergency response in New Orleans.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 343829
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):169.423
  44. Honolulu Fire Department


    The Honolulu Fire Department was established I 1850 and was the first fire department in the Hawaiian Islands. The department protects Hawaii’s largest city by providing hazmat services, fire suppression, and rescue operations with a force of 1,100 firefighters.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 337256
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):60.521
  45. Anaheim Fire Department

    Anaheim Fire Department

    This city’s fire department works hard to protect its citizens from fire and property damage. Their services include fire prevention training and education, as well as disaster preparedness. They are also responsible for regular inspect buildings for permits and fire code maintenance.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 336265
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):49.835
  46. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

    Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

    HCFR employs 980 firefighters who answer over 80,000 calls a year. They also provide fire prevention inspections, fire investigations, fire safety programs and safety training to the public.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 335709
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):113.409
  47. Orange County Fire Authority

    Orange County Fire Authority

    With over 71 fire stations serving nearly 1.7 million people, Orange County Fire Authority does an excellent job at keeping residents safe and informed at the latest fire news. It’s no wonder they’ve made the list when their website is great for information on Safety and Education, Services, Ceremonies, News, and more.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 324528
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):27.27
  48. Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

    Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

    In 2012, the PBF responded to over 45,000 calls. Of these, there were structure fires, EMS calls, severe weather, and other conditions. Their 30 stations are divided into sections around the city.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 305704
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):55.367
  49. City of Riverside Fire Department

    City of Riverside Fire Department

    Having been established over 125 years ago and supporting the 12th largest city in California, the City of Riverside Fire Department is an integral component to the safety and desirability to move there.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 303871
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):81.14
  50. City of Cincinnati Fire & EMS

    City of Cincinnati Fire & EMS

    Cincinnati, Ohio, established the first professional and fully paid fire department in the United States in 1853. They also used steam engines instead of manual fire engines, forever changing the landscape of fire fighting.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 296943
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):77.942
  51. Lexington Fire & Emergency Services

    Lexington Fire & Emergency Services

    The team of professionals at the LFD are trained for a number of emergencies. They can put out and investigate fires, respond to emergency medical situations, work with hazardous materials, and even perform water or car rescues. They are also dedicated to public education and serving through community through training and communication.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 295803
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):283.649
  52. Anchorage Fire Department

    Anchorage Fire Department

    The fire department of Anchorage responds to all kinds of emergencies across their area of Alaska – structure fires, wild fires, medical emergencies, water and swift water rescues, and hazardous material responses. They also focus on training and fire prevention to help people before a fire even starts.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 291826
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):1704.683
  53. Toledo Fire & Rescue

    Toledo Fire & Rescue

    The Fire and Rescue Stations of Toledo have been protecting the city since 1837. In 2002 Toledo Fire & Rescue Department achieve the distinction of being the first metropolitan city in the state of Ohio to receive accreditation status from Commission on Fire Accreditation Institute

    • City Population (2010 Census): 287208
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):80.692
  54. Henderson Fire Department

    Henderson Fire Department

    The Henderson Fire department offers a wealth of safety information for families. From emergency management, disaster preparedness, to pool safety to firework safety, the HFD works and partners with families and communities to prevent disasters. They also, of course, are on hand for any rescue operations, treating injuries and protecting property.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 257729
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):107.732
  55. Fort Wayne Fire Department

    Fort Wayne Fire Department

    Fort Wayne Fire Department has an impressive website that provides information on careers, code enforcement, and an intuitive “How Do I?” section that guides people through basic fire safety and emergencies.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 253691
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):110.618
  56. Chula Vista Fire Department

    Chula Vista Fire Department

    Chula Vista Fire Department protects 52 square miles in California and was founded in 1921. Currently they boast a staff of over 120 employees and paint a great picture of what life is like in Chula Vista.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 243916
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):49.631
  57. Orlando Fire Department

    Orlando Fire Department

    Established in 1885, the OFD began as a group of volunteers serving 1,662 citizens. In 2006, they were called to over 55,000 incidents. Today, more than 550 men and women of the Orlando Fire Department work at 17 Firehouses serving a population of over 224,000 people.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 238300
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):102.395
  58. Madison Fire Department

    Madison Fire Department

    The Madison Fire Department began as a volunteer organization in 1838, becoming a full time, professional fire department in 1901. They currently serve their area with emergency services and protection, permits, safety checks, and a wealth of online resources to help families.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 233209
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):76.789
  59. Winston-Salem Fire Department

    Winston-Salem  Fire Department

    The fire department in Winston-Salem is over 220 years old. In 2012 alone, they took over 27,000 calls for fire and rescue related issues. They focus on preventing unwanted fires through code enforcement, education, and arson investigation activities.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 229617
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):132.449
  60. Lubbock Fire Department

    Lubbock Fire Department

    Lubbock Fire Department makes sure their citizens know all the potential dangers that can affect them by providing a county-by-county breakdown of potential fire danger in Texas. They have a storied history that details the necessity of a fire department to their community since 1908.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 229573
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):122.41
  61. Durham Fire Department

    Durham Fire Department

    The Durham Fire Department runs 16 fire stations. They have been working in their community since the late 1800s. In addition to regular fire safety, they offer community programs that educate and train people in installing smoke detectors, using fire extinguishers, and more.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 228330
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):107.37
  62. Reno Fire Department


    Reno Fire Department covers four main areas: fire response, medical , special operations, and hazard. They are trained to guard their community against gas leaks, fuel spills, electrical emergencies, structural collapse, weather disaster, and any fire emergency. They are trained heroes in any and every emergency situation.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 225221
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):103.009



  64. Chesapeake Fire Department

    Chesapeake Fire Department

    Chesapeake Fire Department is a 428 member department serving 227,000 citizens. They provide fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services and also have a special operations team. Their other services include fire prevention, life safety education, arson investigation, code enforcement, plans review, and environmental quality.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 222209
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):340.8
  65. North Las Vegas Fire Department

    North Las Vegas Fire Department

    North Las Vegas Fire Department is a staff of 168 individuals that support their community and in 2012 alone responded to nearly 25,000 incidents. Their Child Protection page is a very worthwhile page as well.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 216961
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):101.345
  66. Fremont Fire Department

    Fremont Fire Department

    Fremont Fire Department serves this city in the San Francisco bay area with some of the most contemporary fire prevention methods. Their website is recommended for those who are new to town and aren’t sure about certain fire-related procedures.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 214089
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):77.459
  67. Orange County Fire Authority

    Orange County Fire Authority

    The OCFA has only existed as an independent fire authority since 1995. They now over 20 cities and areas with fire protection. Over 500,000 people can access their services and rely on them for emergency help.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 212375
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):66.106
  68. Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service

    Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service

    The BFRS was established in 1872. Their first fire station was built in 1928 and they have 648 total firefighters working out of 30 different stations in the area.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 212237
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):146.067
  69. San Bernardino County Fire Department

    San Bernardino County Fire Department

    San Bernardino County Fire Department is just west of Los Angeles and is one of the most impressive websites for fire departments. They keep a large section with the latest news on fires locally and advise residents on dealing with disasters.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 209924
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):59.201
  70. Boise Fire Department

    Boise Fire Department

    The City of Boise Fire Department is dedicated to its community. They not only have 20 stations serving the area, they also operate a fund for victims of fires. They also offer the public a number of safety tips through their website, including How to Stay Safe on the River, Fire Escapes, and information about Smoke Alarms.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 205671
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):79.364
  71. Des Moines Fire Department

    Des Moines Fire Department

    As the largest fire-based emergency medical service in Iowa, Des Moines Fire Department handles an impressive amount of people and the department is regarded as the busiest in the state as well. They work with over 14,000 patients annually, so are extremely experienced.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 203433
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):80.869
  72. Augusta Fire Department

    Augusta Fire Department

    Augusta Fire Department highlights their commitment to the Augusta, Georgia and they have great referential information on becoming a firefighter for those interested. Their integrative resources make It as useful page to check out.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 195844
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):302.474
  73. Amarillo Fire Department

    Amarillo Fire Department

    Amarillo Fire Department does such an outstanding job with their educational activities and fire prevention classes, this list couldn’t be made without them. The resources on their website are designed to grab the attention of children was well.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 190695
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):99.476
  74. Huntington Beach Fire Department

    Huntington Beach Fire Department

    The Department serves a community of approximately 200,000 residents, spread over a 28 square mile area. HBFD has over 300 employees (including a part-time and seasonal workforce) and is organized into four divisions: Administration, Emergency Response, Fire Prevention and Marine Safety. Emergency response personnel are located in eight fire stations with eight paramedic engine companies, two truck companies and five emergency medical transport units. The Fire Department also maintains an Urban Search and Rescue Team and Hazardous Materials Response Team. The Marine Safety Division provides public safety to the City’s 3.5 miles of beach and Sunset Beach.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 189992
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):26.748
  75. Oceanside Fire Department

    Oceanside Fire Department

    Established in 1887, the Oceanside Fire Department is one of the oldest, and the second busiest department in San Diego County. (Behind the City of San Diego.) Eight firehouses and 13 fully-staffed apparatus (1 duty battalion chief, 8 engines, 2 trucks, and 4 ambulances) provide a presence in every neighborhood throughout the 41 square miles of the City of Oceanside.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 167086
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):41.235
  76. Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District

    Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District

    Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District has a truly incredible website that provides viewers with videos on fire preparedness, along with how to volunteer and station tours. Their most notable feature is their Fire Explorer Program that engages youths between 16 and 21 with the proper abilities to flourish at a career in firefighting.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 165269
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):39.851
  77. City of Tempe Fire Department

    City of Tempe Fire Department

    City of Tempe Fire Department was first Internationally Recognized Department and is fully accredited through the Commission of Fire Accreditation International. They work with a number of other fire departments to provide the fastest response time to incidents in the region.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 161719
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):39.929
  78. Eugene Fire & Emergency Medical Services

    Eugene Fire & Emergency Medical Services

    The Eugene Fire Emergency Medical Services to keep citizens in the gorgeous communities of Eugene and Springfield, Oregon and their website features a welcoming and informative video that highlights their work.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 156185
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):43.723
  79. City of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue

    City of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue

    The City of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue team uses its website and blog in notable ways to help keep citizens updated on issues such as car seats and smoke alarms. They have a wide range of videos relating to fire prevention that many will find useful.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 153888
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):72.964
  80. Cosumnes Community Services District Parks & Recreation and Fire Department

    Cosumnes Community Services District Parks & Recreation and Fire Department

    Cosumnes Community Services District Parks, Recreation, and Fire Department serves the communities of Elk Grove and Galt, California. Their work primarily consists of fighting fires, but the website does have interesting posts on getting the community active on fire safety.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 153015
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):42.19
  81. Poudre Fire Authority

    Poudre Fire Authority

    Poudre Fire Authority has great videos and provide an easy-to-access activity monitor. They work extensively to educate citizens in the Fort Collins, CO area on various fire-related happenings in the community.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 143986
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):54.277
  82. Escondido Fire Department

    Escondido Fire Department

    The Escondido Fire Department has great information on how people can work together, focus on fire prevention, and achieve real results. Curby’s Corner makes a nice section for educating children on firefighting.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 143911
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):36.813
  83. West Metro Fire Rescue

    West Metro Fire Rescue

    West Metro Fire Rescue is based in Lakewood, CO and serves a number of communities in the area to ensure the highest quality of fire fighting. They were founded in 1995 when two districts were consolidated.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 142980
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):42.88



  85. Naperville Fire Department

    Naperville Fire Department

    Supporting one of the largest cities directly outside of Chicago, Naperville Fire Department serves almost 150,000 people locally. In 2012, they responded to over 11,000 emergencies as well.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 141853
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):38.769
  86. City of Dayton Fire Department

    City of Dayton Fire Department

    The City of Dayton Fire Department has a team of 368 people who are committed to addressing the fire-related problems of their community. Their website gives a nice and concise overview of the services provided in the Dayton area.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 141527
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):55.652
  87. Alexandria Fire Department

    Alexandria Fire Department

    Alexandria Fire Department counts George Washington among its first members and has a very unique place in history with its founding in 1774. While looking after 15 square miles, they’re tasked with the unique objective of looking over some of the densest and most storied land in the country.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 139966
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):15.027
  88. Topeka Fire Department

    Topeka Fire Department

    Topeka Fire Department helps this large Kansas community and uses their website to communicate upcoming events. Their department has been awarded many accolades, so there’s a lot that can be learned from them.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 127473
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):60.168
  89. Cedar Rapids Fire Department

    Cedar Rapids Fire Department

    The Cedar Rapids Fire Department focuses on top notch fire fighting for the 120,000 people they serve. They publish in-depth reports on a number of the most pressing issues in the field, including department activities and how to enrich the community.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 126326
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):70.799
  90. Olathe Fire Department

    Olathe Fire Department

    Olathe Fire Department was founded in 1871 to establish the city as a premier destination in Kansas. The fire department has provided crucial infrastructure needs to allow Olathe to grow and flourish into the city it is.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 125872
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):59.661
  91. Waco Fire Department

    Waco Fire Department

    The Waco Fire Department responds to over 9,000 calls and incidents per year in Central Texas. Their site is useful because they have resources on controlled burns, emergency management services, and suppression techniques.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 124805
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):88.964
  92. Ventura County Fire Department

    Ventura County Fire Department

    Ventura County Fire Department provides fire services to half a million people in California and has a staff of 574 individuals who help provide stability to the community. They respond to almost 100 incidents a day and take an impressive number of over 575 calls per day.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 124237
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):41.48
  93. Bellevue Fire Department

    Bellevue Fire Department

    Bellevue Fire Department supports this community just adjacent to Seattle and their website outlines things such as CPR training, dispatch, and communications work.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 122363
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):31.968
  94. Beaumont Fire/ Rescue Services

    Beaumont Fire/ Rescue Services

    Beaumont Fire/Rescue Services has everything from a firefighter memorial to a fire museum that details the history of fire in the community. They provide tips of preventing fires when cooking and have a very informative video for their recruitment process.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 118296
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):82.801
  95. Allentown Fire Department

    Allentown Fire Department

    Allentown Fire Department has a link section for useful fire safety resources that highlight some of the best ways to keep where you live the safest possible. Unlike many other fire departments, AFD has great pages on fire safety for older adults and even those with disabilities.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 118032
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):17.546
  96. Evansville Fire Department

    Evansville Fire Department

    The Evansville Fire Department does a great job of keeping the community informed on issues that allow them to improve year after year. They responded to 8285 incidents in 2012, making them exceptionally experienced for the size of the city.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 117429
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):44.153
  97. Vallejo Fire Department

    Vallejo Fire Department

    Vallejo Fire Department is a modest organization with a straightforward website the showcases their talents in the best way possible – through fighting fires. Their Fire Document Library makes it easy to sift through and download information.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 115942
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):30.671
  98. City of Ann Arbor Fire Department

    City of Ann Arbor Fire Department

    The City of Ann Arbor Fire Department is tasked with not only being forced to protect and extinguish fires for a regular-sized city, but also one with a high number of college students. With that comes greater responsibility and City of Ann Arbor Fire Department

    • City Population (2010 Census): 113934
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):27.83
  99. Costa Mesa Fire Department

    Costa Mesa Fire Department

    Costa Mesa Fire Department works with every part of a community to ensure fire safety and responded to over 10,000 incidents in 2012. They’re very active in supporting other organizations that have included the Costa Mesa Historical Society, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and many others.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 109960
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):15.654
  100. Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department

    Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department

    The Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department promotes fire safety through their great links and the community even has a Citizens Fire Academy for educating residents on the safest procedures and how to get involved with preventing fires throughout the city.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 108755
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):55.346
  101. Elgin Fire Department

    Elgin Fire Department

    Elgin Fire Department covers an area 108,000 people and has a fairly large team of 133 people who cover nearly 40 square miles when fighting fires. Their website has a surprising amount of content and useful links pertaining to fires locally, but also throughout Illinois and the country.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 108188
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):37.163
  102. Rochester Fire Department

    Rochester Fire Department

    Rochester Fire Department has been around since 1866 and since then they’ve developed an impressive amount of resources for preventing fires, along with how to deal with hazardous materials and other situations. Their website is useful because they highlight common causes for fires and the best way to approach situations with fireworks, space heaters, and even lightning.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 106769
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):54.586
  103. Fargo Fire Department

    Fargo Fire Department

    Fargo Fire Department’s website looks at the increased number of situations they must be prepared for in today’s world, which often includes tornadoes, floods, and of course, fires. You can find great residential resources for fire proofing common household items and more on their website.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 105549
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):48.821
  104. City of Carlsbad Fire Department


    The City of Carlsbad’s fire department responds to over 10,000 calls for fire suppression, rescue, and other services each year, and their website offers great tips for emergency preparedness and general fire safety and prevention.

    • City Population (2010 Census): 105328
    • Approximate Land Area (sq. mi.):37.722

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