8 Informative Videos for Fire Science Students

One of the best ways to spread ideas and to attract attention is through informational videos. Not surprisingly, some of the dullest videos can be those that show educational content. However, some of the more interesting and informative videos are those that are designed for online education.

If you are interested in fire science, or if you are participating in online distance education regarding fire science, here are 8 informative videos that can help you find out what to expect, and what you may learn:

  1. Fire Science – Managing Incidents when things go right: After a fire that took place in an apartment complex, fire science crews toured identical complexes to figure out what went wrong and how to better manage a fire if one were to happen again.

  2. FDNY Tests Fire Science and Firefighter Procedures: Fighting a fire today is very different than it was just 30 years ago. In the 1980s, a fire could flashover — which is the near-simultaneous ignition of items in an enclosed area — after about 20 minutes. Today, it takes a mere four minutes. Fires today also can increase in temperature from 250 to 1,500 degrees in as little as ten seconds, more than twice as fast as in years past. So to protect the safety of firefighters and civilians, the FDNY recognized that small enhancements must be made to protocol. The best way to do that would be to understand the science behind today’s fires.

  3. How it Happens – Forest Fires: Fuel, oxygen and heat combine to start wildfires, which destroy millions of acres each year in the United States. Here’s a video on the science behind how these fires start.

  4. Fire Science: Firefighters got the chance to learn about new, life-saving research from the National Institute of Science and Technology.

  5. Living with Fire – Wildland Fire Science: Oregon State University fire science experts discuss the impact of fire on wildland as well as society’s changing perception of the importance of fire and fire safety. Oregon State is conducting world-class research into all aspects of fire including the immediate and long-term effects of prescribed burns on the landscape. Ph.D. candidate Chris Dunn believes fire needs to play a more major roll in the forested environments he studies.

  6. The Science of Fire: In dry years, fires in California cost billions of dollars and often result in lost lives. QUEST goes inside the fire season, looking at how the history of forest management could be feeding today’s flames.

  7. A Day in the Life – Firefighter: This is an inside look of the day in the life of a firefighter.

  8. Flashover: the power of fire: Flashover is the point in which everything in your home catches fire — no one can survive. See how quickly flashover can occur and how it can be prevented. Home fire sprinklers save lives and property from fire. They act before the fire department is even notified. In this video, produced by the National Fire Protection Association, we show what happens while a house is burning and the local fire department is on its way.

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